How to Install Nerd Fonts on Manjaro Linux

This guide will demonstrate how to install Nerd Fonts on Manjaro Linux using the command-line terminal and the yay AUR helper for accessing the latest version from the Arch Linux user repository.

Nerd Fonts distinguishes itself in tech resources as essential for developers, designers, and enthusiasts. Born from enhancing visuals in coding and documents, it provides diverse fonts with glyphs, icons, and symbols, improving workspace aesthetics and efficiency. Its core features are tailored to the modern tech environment.

Nerf Font Features:

  • Wide Range of Selection: Choose from over 50 font families to find the perfect match for your aesthetic preferences and coding requirements.
  • Extensive Glyph Support: Each font is enriched with a vast collection of glyphs, icons, and symbols, enhancing code readability and offering quick visual cues.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Designed to perform seamlessly across Linux, Windows, and macOS, ensuring a consistent experience no matter your OS.
  • Customization at Its Core: Nerd Fonts allows for unparalleled customization, enabling you to tweak your development environment to your liking.
  • Enhanced Visual Coding Experience: The inclusion of unique glyphs and icons in your code can significantly improve the visual appeal and functionality of your coding environment.
  • Easy Integration with Development Tools: Nerd Fonts are compatible with a wide range of IDEs and text editors, making integration into your workflow effortless.
  • Support for Powerline: Many Nerd Fonts come pre-patched with Powerline support, facilitating a more informative and visually appealing command line interface.

With these features in mind, let’s proceed to the steps necessary to integrate Nerd Fonts into your Manjaro Linux environment, enhancing both aesthetics and efficiency.

Install Nerd Fonts on Manjaro Linux via yay AUR Helper

Update Manjaro Before Installing Nerd Fonts

Before installing Nerd Fonts, updating your Manjaro Linux system is crucial for maintaining system stability and security. Execute the command below to update your system:

sudo pacman -Syu

This command ensures your system is up-to-date, laying the groundwork for a smooth Nerd Fonts installation.

Install Yay AUR Helper (Skip if Already Installed)

Nerd Fonts installation on Manjaro requires the Yay AUR helper. Ensure GIT and essential development tools are installed by executing:

sudo pacman -S --needed --noconfirm base-devel git

This command installs the necessary packages, streamlining the setup process by bypassing additional confirmation prompts.

Clone the Yay Repository

Begin by cloning the Yay repository to your system with:

git clone

Cloning the repository is the initial step toward compiling and installing Yay from the source code.

Relocate the Yay Repository

After cloning, move the Yay repository to the /opt/ directory, a common location for non-standard software applications, using:

sudo mv yay-git /opt/

This step organizes your system according to the Linux filesystem hierarchy standards.

Set Proper User Permissions for Yay-Git

Adjust the permissions of the Yay-git directory by changing its ownership to the current user. This avoids permission issues and enhances security:

sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /opt/yay-git
cd /opt/yay-git

Build the Yay Package

Now, build and install Yay with the makepkg command:

makepkg -si

The duration of this process depends on your system’s performance. Upon completion, Yay will be ready to use for installing Nerd Fonts.

Install Nerd Fonts with the Yay Command

With Yay installed, you can now install Nerd Fonts. Yay provides straightforward access to the AUR packages, including Nerd Fonts. Use this command for installation:

yay -S nerd-fonts-git --noconfirm

Understanding the --noconfirm Flag:

  • Automates Confirmation: Skips manual confirmations during installation, streamlining the process.
  • Speeds Up Installation: Eliminates the need for manual inputs, facilitating a faster setup.
  • Recommended for Experienced Users: Best for those familiar with the installation procedures and packages.
  • Caution for New Users: Novice users should consider manually confirming each step to maintain oversight of the installation process.

Verifying Nerd Fonts Installation on Manjaro Linux

Installing GNOME Font Viewer

After installing Nerd Fonts, it’s important to verify the installation. A reliable method involves using the GNOME Font Viewer. Convert the Pamac command to the equivalent Pacman syntax for installing this application:

sudo pacman -S gnome-font-viewer

Note: GNOME Font Viewer is not exclusive to the GNOME desktop environment; it works across different environments, including XFCE, KDE, and others. This flexibility ensures that regardless of your desktop preference, you can easily verify Nerd Fonts installation.

Opening Font Viewer to Verify Nerd Fonts

To confirm the Nerd Fonts installation, open Font Viewer from the Taskbar by navigating to Accessories > Fonts. Use the application’s search feature to look up “nerd font”. This search should display a list of all Nerd Fonts installed on your system, including but not limited to nerd-fonts-cascadia-code, nerd-fonts-fira-code, and nerd-fonts-hack.

Nerd Fonts displayed in GNOME Font Viewer on Manjaro LinuxPin
Nerd Fonts showcased through GNOME Font Viewer on Manjaro Linux

Verifying Nerd Fonts via the Appearance Tab

Alternatively, if you prefer not to install an additional application, you can verify the Nerd Fonts installation through the Appearance tab in your system settings. Search for “Nerd Fonts” within the Appearance settings to view all installed Nerd Fonts.

Nerd Fonts selection in Manjaro Linux Settings Appearance TabPin
Selecting Nerd Fonts in the Manjaro Linux Appearance Settings

Managing Nerd Fonts on Manjaro Linux

Update Nerd Fonts on Manjaro

To keep Nerd Fonts and other installed packages up to date, it is essential to perform regular system updates. This ensures not only the performance and security of Nerd Fonts but also the overall health of your Manjaro system. Use the following command for a comprehensive update:

yay -Syu --devel --timeupdate

Command Options Explained:

  • --devel: Targets updates for development versions of packages, including Nerd Fonts if applicable.
  • --timeupdate: Synchronizes your system’s time before updating, crucial for the accurate processing of updates.

Remove Nerd Fonts from Manjaro

Should you decide to uninstall Nerd Fonts from your system, proceed with caution as this action is irreversible. Execute the command below to remove Nerd Fonts:

yay -Rns nerd-fonts-complete --noconfirm

Understanding the --noconfirm Flag:

  • Enables a quicker uninstallation process by bypassing manual confirmation steps, streamlining the removal of Nerd Fonts.

Clean Up Unused Dependencies

Following the uninstallation of Nerd Fonts, it’s important to remove any orphaned packages or unused dependencies. This step is vital for maintaining an efficient, clutter-free system. Utilize the command below for cleanup:

yay -Yc

This command scans for and eliminates orphaned packages that were once dependencies of Nerd Fonts but are now unnecessary. Regular cleanup prevents system bloat and ensures optimal performance.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

In this guide, we walked through the steps to install, verify, update, and, if necessary, remove Nerd Fonts on Manjaro Linux using the yay helper. Keeping your system and fonts updated ensures optimal performance and security. If you ever decide to part ways with a specific font, remember to clean up afterward to keep your system lean.

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