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For anyone who would like to contact me with questions, feedback, or general inquiries, the best approach would be to send an e-mail.

My website has translations in multiple languages, but I only speak English. I wish I could speak 104 languages, but I struggle to speak my own half the time, being a silly Australian. If an offensive automatic translation has occurred, please let me know, and I am sorry if it happened. Blame Google translate :).

Please be aware this is for general contact and light help. The tutorials are free and do not come with private support. I will try and respond, but mostly I get e-mails about things that are not even related to the tutorial or about other software these days. Some people feel privileged enough to include my email plus all other Linux blogs in an e-mail list for help and spam the lot of us, this is just wrong, but it is a growing sentiment of people expecting everything for nothing these days.

Do not be afraid to let me know about mistakes on the site. Often I use templates, and on occasion, I brainfart and use APT instead of DNF or similar or use an incorrect name of the software. Please let me know; I would appreciate this.


I am currently not looking for any additional help writing articles. This is a personal decision by myself, and I will not differ from it, so please save your time as I will ignore your email and instantly delete to be quite honest. I appreciate your interest.

Advertisers/Agencies are welcome to contact me about eCPM, campaigns, or anything similar. Still, I will ONLY deal with companies registered in the United States, Australia, WEST EU Countries like France, Germany, etc., the United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

Any companies outside these countries will be instantly ignored.

Please send an e-mail to contact ( @ )

Please do not send messages or e-mails regarding selling SEO SERVICES!

Please do not send messages or e-mails regarding GUEST POSTS or SPONSORED POSTS.