How to Install Mixxx on Ubuntu 22.04 or 20.04

Mixxx is an open-source DJ software that allows users to mix tracks, create playlists, and control their music in real time. It is a free and powerful tool for DJs, hobbyists, and professionals. Mixxx is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it accessible to anyone who wants to start DJing.

Mixxx has a wide range of features that enable users to create high-quality mixes easily. Some of the features that make Mixxx stand out to include the following:

  • Cross-platform compatibility: Mixxx is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux, making it accessible to users regardless of their operating system.
  • Timecode vinyl control: Mixxx supports timecode vinyl, which enables users to control their music using vinyl records and turntables.
  • Beatmatching: Mixxx’s built-in beatmatching engine helps users synchronize the tempo of two tracks, making it easier to create smooth song transitions.
  • MIDI support: Mixxx can be controlled using MIDI controllers, enabling users to customize their setup and workflow to suit their preferences.
  • Auto DJ: Mixxx’s Auto DJ feature allows users to create automated playlists based on their preferences, making it easy to keep the music going without constant manual intervention.
  • Recording: Mixxx enables users to record their mixes in high-quality audio formats, making it easy to share their creations with others.

The guide will demonstrate how to install Mixxx DJ Software on Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish or Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa using its official LaunchPAD PPA for the latest up-to-date version. Following the steps in this guide, users can get started with Mixxx and explore its powerful features.

Step 1: Import Mixxx Team PPA

Keeping your system up to date is crucial for optimal performance and security. To update your system packages and upgrade any outdated packages, open your terminal and run the following command:

Step 1: Update and Upgrade System Packages

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

This will update your package list and install any available updates.

Step 2: Install the Required Packages

Before importing the Mixxx Launchpad PPA, you must ensure that your system has installed the necessary packages. Run the following command to install any missing packages:

sudo apt install ca-certificates apt-transport-https software-properties-common lsb-release -y

This command will install the necessary packages commonly used during the import process.

Step 3: Initialize GPG Keyring

To ensure that the necessary directories are created for the import process, run the following command:

sudo gpg --list-keys

Example output:

gpg: directory '/root/.gnupg' created
gpg: keybox '/root/.gnupg/pubring.kbx' created
gpg: /root/.gnupg/trustdb.gpg: trustdb created

This command will initialize your GPG keyring and create the required directories.

Step 4: Add GPG Key to Keyring Directory

To add the GPG key for the Mixxx Launchpad PPA to the /usr/share/keyrings/ directory, run the following command:

sudo gpg --no-default-keyring --keyring /usr/share/keyrings/mixxx.gpg --keyserver --recv-keys B32DD95E55F948FDE700857027CDF84E4716DAB5

This command adds the GPG key to the keyring directory, ensuring that it can only be used for the Mixxx installation, which is a more secure approach.

Example output:

gpg: keybox '/usr/share/keyrings/mixxx.gpg' created
gpg: key 27CDF84E4716DAB5: public key "Launchpad PPA for Mixxx Release Managers" imported
gpg: Total number processed: 1
gpg:               imported: 1

Step 5: Add Mixxx Launchpad PPA to System

Now that you have imported the necessary GPG key, the next step is to add the Mixxx Launchpad PPA to your system with the following command:

echo "deb [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/mixxx.gpg] $(lsb_release -cs) main" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mixxx.list

This command adds the Mixxx Launchpad PPA to your system’s sources list and ensures the packages are signed by the GPG key you imported in the previous step.

Step 2: Install Mixxx

Step 1: Install Mixxx

Once the Mixxx Team PPA has been properly configured, you can proceed with the installation of Mixxx by running the following command in the terminal:

sudo apt install mixxx

This command will install the latest version of Mixxx on your system.

Step 2: Verify Mixxx Installation

After the installation is complete, you can verify that Mixxx has been successfully installed by running the following command in the terminal:

mixxx --version

This command will display the version number and other information about the installed version of Mixxx.

Step 4: Launch Mixxx DJ Software

First, if you still have your terminal window up, you can launch Mixxx immediately using the following command:


Alternatively, to launch Mixxx using the application icon on Ubuntu, use the following steps:

  1. Click on the “Activities” button in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Click on the “Show Applications” icon.
  3. Search for the Mixxx icon in the application menu.
  4. Click on the Mixxx icon to launch the software.

Example of Mixxx in the application menu on Ubuntu:

For first-time users of Mixxx, here is a section on using Mixxx on Ubuntu Linux with some useful tips:

Getting Started with Mixxx on Ubuntu Linux:

  • Set Up Audio Devices: Before using Mixxx, setting up your audio devices is important. You can do this by clicking on the “Options” menu and selecting “Preferences.” Under the “Sound Hardware” tab, select your input and output devices. Make sure to test your settings to ensure that everything is working properly.
  • Load Music: To load music into Mixxx, click the “File” menu and select “Load Tracks.” You can then navigate to your music library and select the tracks you want to add.
  • Explore the Interface: Take some time to explore the Mixxx interface and familiarize yourself with the various controls and features. You can customize the interface to suit your needs by clicking on the “View” menu and selecting “Skin.”
  • Check Out the Features: Mixxx has various powerful features to help you create unique and dynamic mixes. Here are some of the features you might want to check out:
    • Beatmatching: Use the BPM detection feature to sync the beats of two tracks for seamless mixing.
    • Effects: Mixxx has a range of built-in effects that you can use to add depth and texture to your mixes.
    • Auto DJ: Create automated playlists for your events or parties with the Auto DJ feature.
    • Vinyl Control: Mixxx supports timecode vinyl records and CDs for traditional DJing.
  • Save Your Settings: Once you have customized Mixxx to your liking, you can save your settings by creating a Mixxx profile. This will allow you to load your preferences and playlists in future sessions quickly.
  • Practice and Experiment: The more you use Mixxx, the more comfortable you will become with its features and capabilities. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different effects, filters, and techniques to create your unique sound.
  • Resources and Support: There are many helpful resources available online, including tutorials, documentation, and community forums. Take advantage of these resources to learn more about Mixxx and get answers to your questions.

That’s it! These tips should help you get started with Mixxx on Ubuntu Linux and take full advantage of its features and capabilities.

Additional Tips

Remove Mixxx

To uninstall Mixxx on Ubuntu Linux, open the Terminal and run the following command:

sudo apt remove mixxx

This will remove the Mixxx package from your system.

To remove the Mixxx Launchpad PPA from your system, delete the file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mixxx.list. You can do this by running the following command in the Terminal:

sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mixxx.list

This will delete the Mixxx Launchpad PPA file from your system.


Overall, Mixxx is a powerful and versatile DJ software available for free on Ubuntu Linux. Whether you are a professional DJ or a hobbyist, Mixxx offers a range of features and capabilities that can help you create unique and dynamic mixes. With its user-friendly interface and extensive documentation, Mixxx is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get started with DJing on Ubuntu Linux. And if you decide that Mixxx is not for you, it is easy to remove it from your system using the steps outlined in this guide. So why not try Mixxx and see what it can do for your DJing skills?

Additional Resources

For additional information, Here is a list of official links to Mixxx and Ubuntu-related websites, wikis, and community forums that can help learn more about Mixxx on Ubuntu Linux:

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