Koнтaктирajтe нaс

For anyone who would like to contact me with feedback or general inquiries, the best approach would be to use the contact form below or send an e-mail to contact@linuxcapable.com. The tutorials on my website are free but do not come with private support, I get many e-mails, and sometimes I am too busy to reply. I generally do not even look at e-mails from new people and not from the contact form, as it’s nearly always spam, so please use the form below first.

Немојте слати никакве контакт поруке у вези са продајом услуга као што су СЕО, Веб-хостинг и слични производи. Такође не тражим никога да ми помогне да напишем туторијале или спонзорисане постове, бесплатно или плаћено.