RSS Syndication

As many may have noticed, RSS feeds are disabled on due to the mass abuse going on with many scraping websites. Now, info/howto sites are a great choice, with many springing up and gaining millions of followers in a month from scraping everyone’s RSS feeds; it is beyond a joke these days for the small userbase that uses them.

So technically, the feed does exist, and so far, only one website has it, but I am willing to let other websites that share news by feed have it if you think my post notifications can benefit by grabbing the image and excerpt only! No scraping full articles!

Please send an email to with the following information so I can verify it; I mean, I can see this information anyway from my block records. Most of you use WordPress, which even links your domain name already.

  • Website Address
  • Website Name
  • IP Address (Required so I can whitelist your server for the feed)

If your site has no traffic or domain rating (basically some quick buck RSS poster spam site), I will ignore it. Currently, only is allowed. That is an example website I look for to approve; newer or older does not matter.