Increase DNF Speed on Fedora Linux 35

Fedora Linux users may notice, compared to some other distributions, that the DNF download speed can be slow, this can be frustrating when you need to download and install a large number of packages which can occur regularly given how Fedora pushes new packages updates given the type of distribution it is.

Most users do not realize that a few minor tweaks to some configuration files can increase your download speed immensely. In the following tutorial, you will learn how to configure and increase your DNF update/upgrade package manager speed on Fedora Linux 35 Workstation or Server.

Update Fedora System

Update your Fedora operating system to make sure all existing packages are up to date:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh -y

The tutorial will be using the sudo command and assuming you have sudo status.

To verify sudo status on your account:

sudo whoami

Example output showing sudo status:

[joshua@fedora ~]$ sudo whoami

To set up an existing or new sudo account, visit our tutorial on Adding a User to Sudoers on Fedora.

Use the following command with the root password to log in to use the root account.


Install Dependency Required

Before installing, run the following command to ensure the following packages are installed.

sudo dnf install dnf-plugins-core -y

Configure DNF Package Manager

The first step is to open the following configuration using the following command.

sudo nano /etc/dnf/dnf.conf

Configure Parallel Downloads

The first option to increase the DNF speed is to add parallel downloads, and this option enabled will show results instantly after you enable it.

Add the following at the bottom of the dnf.conf configuration file.


The above tells the DNF package manager to download 10 parallel packages at the same time, 10 is the most recommended setting to start with, but you can increase this but only do so sparingly, such as from 10 to 15, 15 to 20.

Configure Fastest Mirror

The second improvement alongside parallel downloads is to enable the fastest mirror.

Add the following underneath parallel downloads in the dnf.conf configuration file.



Increase DNF Speed Fedora Linux 35

Now with the fastest mirror and parallel mirrors configured, save the configuration file CTRL+O and exit CTRL+X.

The good idea is to run a DNF upgrade, and you will notice first the DNF package manager now determining the fastest mirrors in the output.


Increase DNF Speed Fedora Linux 35

Depending on the number of parrel downloads, this may take a few moments to check and sort out, but in the long term, your DNF speeds should be incredibly faster now.

Comments and Conclusion

In the tutorial, you have learned how to increase the number of parallel downloads and configure the fastest mirror options in your Fedora Linux 35 Workstation or Server.

For users who find that this has not helped, you will need to diagnose the issue further. The above settings work best when you have 50 to 300 packages to update, and it should be incredibly faster.

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