How to Install Waterfox Browser on Manjaro 21 Linux

Waterfox is fresh air for those who want to maintain their privacy and security online. This browser has been made explicitly with 64-bit processors in mind but also runs on ARM devices like smartphones or tablets without any issues! In addition, it can be found across multiple platforms, including classic desktop systems and recent ones such as Mac OS X/ Linux interfaces, where users will enjoy its fast performance thanks to an open-source codebase that ensures stability over time.

The following tutorial will teach you how to install Waterfox Browser on Manjaro 21 Linux. The tutorial will use the command line terminal with yay AUR helper. Ideally, most users may be using some wrapper for Pacman; for new users, it is essential to install one to keep your packages up-to-date while you learn Arch/Manjaro.

Update Manjaro

Before you begin, ensure your system is up-to-date to avoid any conflicts during the installation, and for good practice, use the terminal command as follows.

sudo pacman -Syu

Install yay Helper

To begin the installation, you must have GIT installed to import the yay repository to install/build. From your command terminal, use the following code to begin the installation.

sudo pacman -S --needed --noconfirm base-devel git

Now clone the yay archive using the following terminal command.

git clone

Next, move the archive to the /OPT/ directory. This is a good location for any other archive installs, keep everything located, and traditionally the directory is a commonly used area for different applications.

sudo mv yay-git /opt/

Now navigate to the yay-git directory location.

cd /opt/yay-git

Build the package using the makepkg command.

makepkg -si

Install Waterfox Browser

Install Waterfox Browser Current

Now that you have installed an AUR package manager, you can install the browser using the following command.

yay -S waterfox-g4-bin --noconfirm

Remove –noconfirm to manually go through the installation questions instead of selecting the default answers.

Optional. Install Waterfox Classic

Run the following command for users or developers using the alternative Waterfox Classic version.

yay -S waterfox-classic-bin --noconfirm

Remove –noconfirm to manually go through the installation questions instead of selecting the default answers.

How to Launch Waterfox Browser

Desktop users will not open a terminal to launch the browser each time, so use the following path to launch the application icon.

Taskbar > Internet > Waterfox {version}


How to Install Waterfox Browser on Manjaro 21 Linux

The first time you open Waterfox Current, you will run a couple of first-time setup steps, such as using a light or dark theme; once done, you will arrive at the browser screen where you can begin surfing the web.


How to Install Waterfox Browser on Manjaro 21 Linux

Alternatively, Waterfox Classic users will notice a straightforward no, first-time setup light browser that may suit your purposes more.


How to Install Waterfox Browser on Manjaro 21 Linux

How to Update/Upgrade Waterfox Browser

The best way to upgrade the software is to use the following terminal command.

yay -Syu --devel --timeupdate

Note it is advised to run terminal commands now and then even if you have set up AUR auto-updates using the automatic GUI updater; this ensures you are not missing anything.

How to Remove (Uninstall) Waterfox Browser

Execute the following terminal command for users wanting to remove the browser that matches the installation choice you originally installed.

Remove Waterfox Current

yay -Rns waterfox-g4-bin --noconfirm

Remove Waterfox Classic

yay -Rns waterfox-classic-bin --noconfirm

Optionally, you can run the following command to clean up any leftover unused dependencies, and this is highly recommended to run so your system does not become bloated.

yay -Yc

Comments and Conclusion

If you are looking for an open-source browser that is ethical and supports legacy extensions, Waterfox may be the perfect option for you. The team behind Waterfox is constantly working to improve the browser and provide support for users.

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