How to Install Sublime Text 4 on Manjaro 21 Linux

Sublime Text 4 is an excellent choice as your go-to program to edit code. Sublime is known for its speed, ease of use, cross-platform, and community contribution. It natively supports many programming languages and markup tongues, but users can also expand its functionality with plugins!

The Python API makes it easy; make sure you download within Sublime, or they won’t appear in settings. Also, you can further customize and enhance it by installing additional features using package control and custom settings.

Some more features of Sublime Text include:

  • Auto-Completion.
  • Sublime Text Snippets.
  • Cursor Jumping
  • Select Multiple Lines, Words, & Columns

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to install Sublime Text 4 on Manjaro 21 Linux. The tutorial will use the command line terminal with yay AUR helper, ideally most users may be using some wrapper for Pacman, for new users, it is essential to install one to keep your packages up-to-date while you learn Arch/Manjaro.

Update Manjaro

Before proceeding with the tutorial, it is good to ensure your system is up-to-date with all existing packages.

sudo pacman -Syu

Install yay Helper

To begin the installation, you must have GIT installed to import the yay repository to install/build. From your command terminal, use the following code to begin the installation.

sudo pacman -S --needed --noconfirm base-devel git

Now clone the yay archive using the following terminal command.

git clone

Next, move the archive to the /OPT/ directory. This is a good location for any other archive installs, keep everything located, and traditionally the directory is a commonly used area for different applications.

sudo mv yay-git /opt/

Now navigate to the yay-git directory location.

cd /opt/yay-git

Build the package using the makepkg command.

makepkg -si

Install Sublime Text 4

Now that you have installed the package management helper, you can install Sublime using the following command.

yay -S sublime-text-4 --noconfirm

Remove --noconfirm to manually go through the installation questions instead of selecting the default answers.

Launch Sublime Text 4

Now that you have completed the installation launching, it can be done in a few ways.

Using the command line terminal, you can open the software quickly by using the following command.


Alternatively, run the subl & command in the background to free up the terminal:

subl &

The best way to use Sublime Text 4 for desktop users that prefer not to use the command line terminal is to open the GUI of the application by following the path: Taskbar > Development > Sublime Text.


How to Install Sublime Text 4 on Manjaro 21 Linux

When you open Sublime Text, you arrive at the default start a new document screen.


How to Install Sublime Text 4 on Manjaro 21 Linux

Congratulations, you have installed Sublime Text 4.

How to Update Sublime Text 4

To check for updates using the command line, use the following command to allow a blanket check for any updates across all packages.

yay -Syu --devel --timeupdate

How to Remove (Uninstall) Sublime Text 4

When you no longer want the software installed on your system, use the following command to remove it.

yay -Rns sublime-text-4 --noconfirm

Optionally, you can run the following command to clean up any leftover unused dependencies, and this is highly recommended to run, so your system does not become bloated.

yay -Yc

Comments and Conclusion

In the tutorial, you have learned how to install yay AUR helper quickly and install, maintain, and, if so, remove Sublime Text 4 on Manjaro 21 Linux series.

Next, it is recommended to visit the Sublime Text Package Control, which you can directly download other features to customize your Sublime Text 4 to your requirements.

To find more information about Sublime Text, visit the official Sublime Text documentation page.


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