How to Install Microsoft Fonts on Linux Mint 21 LTS

Windows and macOS have had Microsoft’s fonts pre-installed for decades. These fonts – Arial, Courier New, Times – are some of the most commonly used typefaces in the world. However, on Linux, Microsoft’s fonts are not installed by default. This is because most Linux distributions use open-source fonts as substitutes. For most users, this is preferred, especially among open-source enthusiasts. However, there are times when you may require the use of Microsoft Fonts for your project or work. In these cases, you can follow the instructions below to install Microsoft Fonts on your Linux machine.

The following tutorial will teach you how to install Microsoft Fonts on Linux Mint 21 LTS release series using the command line terminal, along with how to verify the fonts are installed, which in future can be used for any other method of checking for additional fonts.

Update Linux Mint

First, before you begin, make sure your system is up-to-date by using the following terminal command.

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

Install Microsoft Fonts

By default, Microsoft Fonts are available in the default repository. To begin the installation, use the following command.

sudo apt install ttf-mscorefonts-installer -y

During the installation, you will see a few prompts. The first is reading the YULA agreement.


Press the TAB key, select <Ok>, and press the ENTER KEY to proceed.

Next, the second prompt is accepting the EULA agreement.


How to Install Microsoft Fonts on Linux Mint 21 LTSPin

Press the TAB key, select <Ok>, and press the ENTER KEY to proceed.

Verify Microsoft Fonts Installation

By default, fonts will be available in most applications now, but you can confirm by launching the fonts application.

Taskbar > Accessories > Fonts.


Once opened, you can search for fonts to confirm that Microsoft fonts are installed. You will see Arial font immediately, ensuring the fonts are used correctly. Use the search function to verify the most common fonts from Microsoft as per below.


How to Remove (Uninstall) Microsoft Fonts

Use the following command to remove the fonts for users who no longer wish to have Microsoft fonts on their system.

sudo apt autoremove ttf-mscorefonts-installer --purge

This will remove in Microsoft fonts.

Comments and Conclusion

Microsoft is not the only font provider on the market, but it does have a wide range of high-quality typefaces that are perfect for any creative project. Microsoft should be your go-to source if you’re looking for fonts that will render well across all devices and platforms.

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