About LinuxCapable

LinuxCapable.com is dedicated to publishing Linux howtos, tips, and tutorials on various Linux distributions with a heavy focus on web and server software. Example topics covered are open-source tools, virtualization, system administration, and much more.

LinuxCapable was created in July 2021 by Joshua James and is still quite new and is still finding its place with design and features but is starting to grow and hopefully be a beacon for future users in finding useful information and help regarding the tutorials that are posted.

The main reason why the website was created is many of the howtos and tutorials focus mainly on the sysadmin or power user. LinuxCapable.com is designed to keep fresh to Linux users or intermediate users needing some more information. Many tutorial sites are similar, not saying this is bad or wrong. In fact, many are fantastic. Still, LinuxCapable tries to explain things a bit simpler, with more information and alternative options to hopefully give the new user an idea that you do not just need to follow this same route if possible.

Overall, the core goal of the website is to bring a steady stream of tutorials to cover as many topics as possible, and in the future may expand depending on the owner’s time. If you would like to get in contact with LinuxCapable directly, visit our Contact Us page.